Special exhibition: Leica Design
13.10.23 - 30.09.24 Ernst-Leitz-Museum

  • "Design follows function" – true to this principle, Leica has been developing cameras for over a century. Anchored in this tradition, legendary products in iconic design have been created since then and continue to this day. Unrivalled in style and quality. And incomparable in look and feel.

    On 13 October 2023, we will present the special exhibition "Leica Design" at the Ernst Leitz Museum, a tribute to "Leica. The Essential", focusing on the design essence of Leica products.

    Visitors will be transported into a tactile world where every detail, every shape and material has been carefully chosen to create a unique aesthetic and functional experience. From the minimalist elegance of the hand-engraved logos to the timeless silhouette that still reflects the original Leica, visitors can explore the aesthetics and functionality.

    Inside the exhibition space itself – kept in the dark and simple tones of the monochrome Leica Design world – reduction and clarity surround you. Every aspect of the interior design has been meticulously planned to emphasise the essence of Leica Design.

    One of the highlights of the exhibition is the light installation that perfectly complements the minimalist atmosphere. Only from a specific perspective does a stylised Leica become visible, serving as the centrepiece of the exhibition. This anamorphic art form adds an extra dimension to the exhibition and invites visitors to view the world of Leica Design from various angles.

    The Ernst Leitz Museum invites photography enthusiasts, design connoisseurs and culture lovers from around the world to participate in this unique experience. "Leica Design" will not only appeal to the senses but also touch those who appreciate the refinement and heritage of Leica Design.

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    Montag bis Sonntag von 10 bis 18 Uhr


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